a day in the life of a musician
erik satie

“an artist must regulate his life.

here is a time-table of my daily acts. i rise at 7.18; i am inspired from 10.23 to 11.47. i lunch at 12.11 and leave the table at 12.14. a healthy ride on horse-back round my domain follows from 1.19 pm to 2.53 pm. another bout of inspiration from 3.12 to 4.07 pm. from 5 to 6.47 pm various occupations (fencing, reflection, immobility, visits, contemplation, dexterity, natation, etc.)

dinner is served at 7.16 and finished at 7.20 pm. from 8.09 to 9.59 pm symphonic readings (out loud). i go to bed regularly at 10.37 pm. once a week (on tuesdays) i awake with a start at 3.14 am.

my only nourishment consists of food that is white: eggs, sugar, shredded bones, the fat of dead animals, veal, salt, coco-nuts, chicken cooked in white water, mouldy fruit, rice, turnips, sausages in camphor, pastry, cheese (white varieties), cotton salad, and certain kinds of fish (without their skin). i boil my wine and drink it cold mixed with the juice of the fuschia. i have a good appetite but never talk when eating for fear of strangling myself.

i breathe carefully (a little at a time) and dance very rarely. when walking I hold my ribs and look steadily behind me.

my expression is very serious; when i laugh it is unintentional, and i always apologise very politely.

i sleep with only one eye closed, very profoundly. my bed is round with a hole in it for my head to go through. every hour a servant takes my temperature and gives me another.


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